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     If you’re here, you obviously desire to reconstruct some component of your life in a positive manner.  Stigletics is a series of principles that I have developed over 15 years which have helped me and thousands of others reap the countless rewards that accompany healthier nutrition choices and daily physical activity.  It is a mindset, an education - a reprioritization to make yourself and your health a focus of daily living. Stigletics is the concept that a well-tuned physical body, the human vehicle, is rewarded with greater quality of life, and the promise that the improvement will positively influence all other aspects of living:  career, relationships, and hobbies.
     In order to feel exceptional, we must act exceptionally.  To quote Aristotle:  ”We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Our Mission
·         Teach core, fundamental nutrition and exercise habits that will fit in to your lifestyle; the basics are the most effective when implemented properly.

·         Raise awareness and self-accountability; utilize friends and family to increase compliance and reach your goals.

·         Set realistic goals, and then break them down into simple, manageable "mini-goals" with short time frames that are results driven.

·         Achieve balance, find your flow, and reduce perceived and physiological stress.

·         Planning and time management designed to minimize the various pitfalls specific to your lifestyle which surely halt progress.

·         Challenge yourself physically and mentally, operating slightly outside your comfort zone.

·         Feel better in every way, and realize your potential is greater than you imagine.  We are not trying to be perfect, but we are striving to be the best that we can be.

     Let us instruct, guide and motivate you on your personal, unique journey to a better, more functional you.  Together, we will determine your limiting factors and eliminate them from the equation one by one to maximize your return on investment.  With Stigletics, you will not only learn proper exercise habits, but also arm yourself with the knowledge to make adjustments to nutrition and stress levels that are necessary to reach overall health and wellness.  And, most importantly, we will tailor this based upon your own lifestyle parameters and unique goals.